Booking Terms

Booking confirmation   

- any booking made is final after receiving the required deposit                                                                        - booking with us automatically means that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of African Tulip Guesthouse either on our website or at the booking platform used for your reservation. 

Payment Terms  

- we accept Visa and MasterCard payments 
- internet banking payments are preferred, bank charges on any internet banking payment are at your own cost, proof of payment need to be sent by email or whatsapp.  

A deposit of 100% of all total nights spend at our B&B will be necessary to guarantee your reservation.  
Please know that we do accept Visa or MasterCard. 
If you do a payment via EFT, this must be received within 4 hours after the booking is made to secure your booking. 
Additional costs like beverages, etc. will be settled prior to departure. 
 Arrival and departure  

- our check in time is strictly between 15.00 hr. and 19.00 hr. 
-  our check out time is between 08.00 hr. and 10.00 hr. 
-  early birds or late arrivals please contact us for the options. We will do the best we can to arrange it for you. 
Cancellation policy  

- Cancellations within 30 days prior to arrival at the B&B will incur a loss of 100% of the deposit held. 
- If you wish to cancel your booking, please do this by e-mail: [email protected] 
 - All refunds are subject to an administration fee of R150 to cover administration and banking fees. 
- In the event op premature departure or no-show, the full extent of the stay as originally booked and confirmed,     will be charged. 

Child Policy  

-  children older than 12 years are welcome, subject to direct supervision of parents at all times 
-  only in the Lavender room an extra bed can be booked (maximum of people in the room is 3), otherwise the       child will have its own room for the regular room rate. 
Guesthouse policy  

-  we are a non-smoking guesthouse and smoking is only allowed OUTDOORS 
-  pets are not allowed 
-  FREE wireless internet is available 
-  no food and drinks are allowed in the room 
-  Bring your own bottle of wine or liquor, a small snack corner is available
-  rates can be changed at any time without notice 

- persons using our website ( for any reason whatsoever,  
  subject themselves to the terms and conditions of African Tulip Guesthouse 
- our website is to provide you with information about the guesthouse 
- the ownership of this website belongs to African Tulip Guesthouse and is not granted to you 
- nothing on this website may be copied or retransmitted unless permitted by African Tulip Guesthouse 
- linked websites or pages are no subject to the control of African Tulip Guesthouse and is therefore  
  not responsible of liable, directly or indirectly,  
  for the contents of any linked website or any link contained in a linked website. 

- African Tulip Guesthouse, its owners, operators and staff (“the establishment”),  shall be under no liability to       the client for any claim which may arise in respect of or in connection with the stay. The client hereby          renounces for himself, members of his group and dependents all claims against the establishment for compensation for injury, damage or loss, whether sustained in and around the guesthouse or elsewhere or as a result of delays or otherwise, caused directly or indirectly to him/her or his/her belongings, members of his group and his/her dependents or to persons who, except for these conditions, might have been entitled to make a claim howsoever arising and whether caused or occasioned by any grossly negligent act or omission or default by the establishment. 
- the carriage, handling or keeping of any baggage and /or other goods of the client will be at the sole risk of the client or its owner and the establishment shall not be liable for any loss or damage of  
whatsoever nature and howsoever caused. 
- whilst the establishment will endeavor to ensure that accommodation, food, drinks and other such services are available as planned, there shall be no claim of any nature whatsoever against the establishment for a refund, either in whole or in part or of any other claim of any nature whatsoever including consequential damages as a consequence of accommodation or other facility attached. 
-  all exclusions or limitations of liability claimable by the establishment, shall apply equally to and may be claimed by agents, servants and representatives of the establishment as fully and as effectually as if they were establishment.  
Applicable law  

-  any dispute or purported dispute arising shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa. 
All disputes, actions, and other legal matters relating thereto will be determined in accordance with such law. 
The parties to any dispute arising hereby consent and submit to the jurisdiction of the High Court of the Republic of South Africa.